About the Project

VideoReView is a video-supported professional development program in which teachers use video from their own classroom to study their students’ science ideas and reasoning. A friendly video capture and analysis tool provides teachers with timely feedback of student discussions. Studying video from their classroom, teachers become better at noticing their students’ science ideas and reasoning, and crafting instruction in the moment or upon reflection to deepen students’ science understanding. The associated research is investigating the program’s impact on teachers’ noticing, instructional practice, and students’ science learning. The VideoReView program was developed in collaboration by TERC, intuVison, Boston College and Boston Area schools.

VideoReView Team:

Principle Investigators

Sue Doubler, TERC
Sadiye Guler, intuVision
Michael Russell and Nathaniel Brown, Boston College


Anushree Bopardikar
Sally Crissman
Jim Galdos
Sarah Hill
Dewi Win
Dave White


Ashutosh Morde
Ian Pushee
Anna Vacha

Boston College

Katrina Borowiec
Courtney Castle
Gulsah Gurkan
Jane Claughton

Advisory Board

Jenny Craddock, Newton Public Schools
Sara Lacy, TERC
Miriam Sherin, Northwestern University
Carol Smith, formerly of University of Massachusetts Boston
Martha Stone Wiske, formerly of Harvard University
Mark Wilson, University of California, Berkeley

Teacher Collaborators

Joan Beall, Shrewsbury Public Schools
Julie Behenna, Benjamin Banneker School
Karen Bellomy, Acton/Boxborough Schools
Matthew Burch, Somerville Schools
Anne Carey, Newton Schools
Kelly Champagne, Newton Schools
Katie Christ, Newton Schools
Karen Crockett, Acton/Boxborough Schools
Meredith Daley, Benjamin Banneker School
Laura Disipio, Newton Schools
Anne Doble, Acton/Boxborough Schools
Brian Gentile, Acton/Boxborough Schools
Griselda George, Somerville Schools
Kate Shiebler, Acton/Boxborough Schools
Laura Spagenberg, Shrewsbury Public Schools
Lindsey Tosches, Somerville Schools
Jennifer Van Hill, Benjamin Banneker School
Carrie Wilson, Benjamin Banneker School


For more information about Empowering Teachers Through VideoReView please contact us at: