Terms of Use

Terms of Use (Inquiry Project)

  1. The Inquiry Curriculum on this website is openly available to all schools, educators and learners. The learning experiences have been designed to build on each other and lead to deeper understanding of core science ideas, scientific practices, and cross-cutting concepts. Therefore, it is best to teach the full three-year sequence with efficacy.
  2. The teachers guide, student notebooks, and other resources may be freely printed or purchased from Amazon.
  3. Each curriculum unit requires a set of classroom materials. The materials kits can be purchased from Sempco, Inc. or from another materials provider. For a complete list of specs for each curriculum unit click on "Materials Kit" in the navigation bar for that grade and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Terms of Use (Talk Science)

  1. The PD classroom video cases and scientist video cases are aligned with the Inquiry Curriculum and best used in parallel with the curriculum. You are also welcome to use these resources as part of district designed professional development. The video cases are only accessible from within the site to comply with human subject agreements.