Grade 5 Scientist Case: The Water to Vapor Investigations

In this set of videos, you‘ll see Professor Roger Tobin doing and talking about some of the very same investigations your students do in the 5th grade Inquiry Project curriculum section Water to Vapor. Roger observes the 2-bottle system that the students use, and he explains what happens to water when it transforms from liquid to gas and back again. You can use these videos to learn more about the science concepts and practices that you will want your students to develop.

Dr. Roger Tobin is Professor and Chair of the Physics Department at Tufts University. In addition to his research in experimental physics, Dr. Tobin pursues interests in energy policy and climate change, physics of sports (especially baseball), and in science education. Dr. Tobin is co-principal investigator of the Inquiry Project.

Dr. Sara Lacy is a senior Scientist at TERC.