Grade 5 Scientist Case: The Water to Ice Investigations

In this set of videos, you‘ll see Professor Hugh Gallagher carry out the very same investigations that your students do in the Water to Ice section of the 5th grade Inquiry Project curriculum. Professor Gallagher‘s discussion of the water to ice investigations is a resource that will help you support the development of your students‘ ideas about ice and water on both the scale that we observe them and on a much smaller particle scale.

Dr. Hugh Gallagher is an Associate Professor in the Physics Department at Tufts University. The main focus of his research is doing experiments to study a subatomic particle called the neutrino. He also has an interest in K-12 science education, and is the co-principal investigator of the Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program at Tufts.

Dr. Sara Lacy is a senior Scientist at TERC.