3. Investigating Standard Measures


Grams are introduced as the standard unit of measure used by scientists. Students become comfortable using grams to weigh objects and are then introduced to the question of whether something could weigh less than a gram. While discovering the limitations of their tools and unit of measure, they are able to build the case that even the smallest piece of material has weight. Their investigation of standard measure culminates with a construction challenge that helps them to understand the additive nature of weight and provides evidence that some materials are heavy for their size.


  1. How can grams help us compare weights?
  2. How much do the cubes weigh in grams?
  3. Do very tiny things have weight?
  4. The 10-10-10-10 Challenge

The Child and the Scientist

Concept Cartoon

Darwin from the Concept Cartoons

The Standard Measures Concept Cartoon is typically used as a formative assessment after Investigating Standard Measures 3