1. Water, a Liquid:  Investigation 3

How does water compare with sand?

3. Add properties to T-chart

All Class 5 Mins

How does water compare with sand?

Add the new information that students have discovered as they analyzed the mini-lake data, in the T-chart, under Different:

  • 1g of water equals 1cc (conversely, 1 cc of water weighs 1g.
  • 1g of sand has a volume that is less than 1cc (conversely, 1cc of sand weighs more than 1g.)

Define matter

Introduce matter. Explain that matter is anything that has weight and takes up space. Since sand and water both have weight and both take up space, both of them are considered matter. Add it to the T-chart, under Same:

  • Both water and sand are matter.

The rocks, gravel, and the plastic box that are used in the mini-lakes are also matter. Some examples of things that do not have weight and do not take up space include a sound, a shadow, and a dream.