3. Water to Ice:  Investigation 12

What changes and what stays the same as ice melts?

1. Explore bottles

Pairs 10 Mins Notebook
Student weighing bottle filled with water

The class will finish their investigations of ice today. After they check the weight and volume of the melted ice, they will return to the investigation question:

What changes and what stays the same as ice melts?

Distribute materials. Give each group the same scale it has been using to weigh the water and ice in the previous classes.

Point out that there is no condensation on the containers. This should reinforce the fact that water does not seep through the plastic, and that temperature plays a role in condensation. Students:

  1. Measure and record the weight on the page [What happens to weight and volume when water freezes and ice melts?] in the Science Notebooks.
  2. Check the volume by observing the level of the water and record the observation (did the volume increase, decrease, or stay the same?) on the same page.
  3. Respond to the questions on the page [What changes and what stays the same as ice melts?] in their Science Notebooks.
  4. Enter the weight and volume data in the last two columns of the class data table.
Transforming Water to Ice and Ice to Water
Pair Weight before Freezing (grams) Weight after Freezing (grams) Volume after Freezing (Notes) Weight after Melting (grams) Volume after Melting (Notes)