1. Water, a Liquid:  Investigation 4

What does a drop of water weigh?

1. Ask the question

All Class 5 Mins
Water drop coming out of a dropper

We know how to weigh the amount of water in our mini-lakes, but how could we weigh the water in a raindrop? Introduce today's investigation question:

What does a drop of water weigh?

Give students a chance to share ideas. Challenge students to help refine the question:

  • Are all drops the same size?
  • What size drop of water do we weigh?
  • Can we control the size of a drop?
  • Can we rely on the classroom scale to provide the answer?

Acknowledge that drops can be different sizes, and explain that the class has a tool-a dropper-that makes a drop of a certain size.

Show students the dropper. The class will address today's investigation question by determining the weight of a drop from this dropper.

Revise the investigation question to read:

What does a drop of water from our classroom dropper weigh?

Post the rephrased investigation question.