1. Water, a Liquid:  Investigation 4

What does a drop of water weigh?

4. Share the results

All Class 10 Mins Notebook

Survey the class for the results and enter their data in a class chart, asking each student to determine the weight of one drop once they provide the number of drops made.

What does a drop of water weigh?
Weight of water Number of drops Weight of 1 drop
1g 29 1/29thg
1g 30 1/30thg
1g 32 1/32ndg

Address the investigation question:

What does a drop of water from our classroom dropper weigh? Does a drop of water weigh more or less than one gram?

  • approximately 1/30th of a gram?

Have students complete the Science Notebook page [Reflecting on the weight of small bits of matter].

Note:  Here is another example of small differences in a situation where one might expect everyone to get the same result. Students should understand the possible reasons for the differences and agree to select a "typical" value for the weight of one drop.