1. Water, a Liquid:  Investigation 4

What does a drop of water weigh?

3. Explore

Individual 5 Mins
Student working with dropper

Distribute the materials. Students use the paper towel for drying desktops after counting the drops. The purpose of the centimeter cube is to show the volume of the 1cc dropper in another shape - to reinforce the size of 1cc of water. Each cubic centimeter takes up the same amount of space, as the one cubic centimeter of water students will add to their droppers.

Emphasize the importance of everyone using standard procedure for both filling and emptying the droppers. Ask students to practice once before they use the droppers to get a final count.

Students should make a long row of drops on their desktops as they slowly empty the dropper, keeping the tip about 1 inch above the desktop.

Note:  Since the droppers can become a distraction, collect them as soon as students have completed their actual count.